Why is Our Content so Good?

Our work is grounded in the core values of collaboration, integrity, and passion. We believe in partnering with our clients to meet their design and delivery requirements, working closely with stakeholders and representatives to bring you creative learning solutions that are as effective as they are engaging.

When designing a learning strategy, our priority has always been the objectives and business goals of the client. Since we are used to developing all kinds of eLearning courses, we want to know what's important to you. Things like your audience, their existing knowledge base, the organisation's culture, and the nature of the content you wish to convey, all play an important part in shaping and developing your bespoke solution – and we're here to get it right.

Leaning on the collaborative nature of our designers and developers, we're proud to create learning experiences that focus on:

  • Building confidence
  • Developing competence
  • The 'what' and the 'how' above the 'why'. It's easy to push the legal requirements of training onto employees, but this isn't necessarily conducive to learning.

For customers looking for off-the-shelf training, DeltaNet International are pleased to offer a flexible kit-bag of online learning resources.

These include traditional eLearning courses, scenario/story-led courses that immerse the learner into the learning journey, and a series of 'Take 5' microlearning courses that, whilst short, are highly impactful and perfect for refreshing and reinforcing key learning messages over time.

We supplement this with more than 500 'brand-on-demand' posters, which clients can use to visually reinforce key compliance matters.

Traditional eLearning Courses

Where the need to build awareness and knowledge is the key requirement, perhaps for new starters as part of their orientation/on- boarding or to introduce new legislation such as the GDPR, detailed eLearning courses are ideal as they deliver comprehensive knowledge in an interactive and engaging way. DeltaNet International offers a comprehensive suite of globally aligned courses specifically designed for organisations working in multiple territories.

Immersive eLearning

Our immersive courses are increasingly used as alternatives to traditional eLearning courses as they create an extra layer of engagement and help the learner to apply the learning in realistic scenarios/situations. They can be particularly appealing where learners already have previous knowledge of the topic, and therefore are often used as an alternative refresher module to avoid asking learners to complete the same or very similar training multiple times.

Immersive courses typically have one key 'story' or 'theme' that runs through the entire course. The learner is given an active role to complete as they work through the learning experience.

Often these courses include a 'challenge' using gamification and this builds the learner's engagement with the materials and creates 'buy- in' to the learning content. The learner is asked 'what would you do' as they are presented with situations/scenarios and are given feedback on their decisions.


Training delivered in smaller segments and in regular bursts increases knowledge retention in users. Coupled with frequent additions of new training content to keep it fresh, Microlearning assists users in retaining the knowledge for a longer period of time.

According to Microsoft, since 2000 attention spans have fallen by an average of 33% to 8 seconds. To put this into perspective goldfish are reputed to have an attention span of 9 seconds. Naturally this presents a challenge in delivering eLearning. But it also opens up opportunities to introduce eLearning tools to engage even the least attentive learner.

There is an increasing move towards short, focused learning interventions called Microlearning.

Microlearning courses are typically no longer than 5 minutes in duration and enable users to complete their training in manageable bite sized chunks. These short courses ensure that the content is condensed into the key points to offer immediate 'just-in-time' learning solutions. Learners who can acquire new skills and knowledge in a short period of time are likely to be receptive to further training opportunities.

DeltaNet has produced a library of 40+ off-the-shelf Microlearning modules covering a wide range of Compliance and Health and Safety topics.

Posters and Offline Alternatives

Displaying posters that encourage good behaviours through simple yet powerful messaging will have a positive impact on any compliance programme.

DeltaNet provides access to over 500 poster templates that can be easily branded on-demand and printed locally.

For topics where a proportion of learners do not have online access, DeltaNet International will provide interactive workbook versions of the training that can be printed on-demand (or centrally) and distributed for manual completion.

Translation Services

DeltaNet specialise in the development and delivery of multilingual programmes for global organisations. We have developed sophisticated multilingual capabilities and have honed our process to provide a seamless translation service to our clients.

We have translated course content into over 30 languages and are highly confident that we can provide courses in any languages that you require.

Astute eLearning Platform

DeltaNet has developed our own in-house Learning Management System called 'Astute' which will allow users to manage all aspects of the delivery of content to learners Some of its key features are:

  • Learning Analytics
  • Advanced user experience
  • Automation
  • Performance Manager
  • Policy Management
  • Risk Manger
  • Survey Manager
  • Programme Manager

Astute offers many integration features to enhance the User Management, Single Sign-on (SAML) and Training Records of the system..

Astute is an advanced, best in class eLearning platform. Astute takes the features you would expect and improves on both the quality and the user experience.