Where We Began

DeltaNet International began life as sister to another company, Tagus International. A successful management consultancy firm, Tagus had been up and running for fifteen years before DeltaNet International was ever conceived. In fact, you might say we were born out of necessity...

With the commercialisation of the Internet and Microsoft's rising popularity in the nineties (Windows 95 was released August, 1995), more and more of Tagus' customers were requesting computerised training solutions. At the time, the perks of learning technology were as clear as they are now: high retention rates, lower costs, less time, and more consistency, and DeltaNet was formed to be the technological arm of Tagus, sitting right at the cutting edge of software development.

As the late nineties approached, it seemed the world of workplace learning and development was rapidly evolving. eLearning was no longer reserved for the likes of large corporations and government bodies. Instead, organisations of all shapes and sizes were ready to make the digital leap. In response, DeltaNet International was launched as a standalone company in 1999 – and we've been innovators in the industry ever since.

DeltaNet International sets the standard for how eLearning content is designed and delivered with the goal of improving both its effectiveness and usability.