Stress Management

Stress Management Courses for Improved Wellbeing in the Workplace

What are the objectives of Stress Management Training?

In 2015/2016 488,000 people were absent from work due to suffering from work-related stress, depression and anxiety with 11.7 million working days being lost.

These online Stress Management training courses provide strategies for the individual to cope with and reduce the effects of stress, and also strategies for managers to implement to reduce the impact of stress on their teams. The courses will also highlight early indicators of stress, identify causal factors and develop coping strategies.

Managing Your Personal Stress is a training course developed with individual employees in mind. One of the key takeaways from the training is recognising the causes of stress. Once the cause/s are identified thought can be given to how best to manage the stress and develop coping strategies; or remove the stressors.

Managing Stress in Your Team is the next step in terms of training, and is an example of our layered learning where there is a course for individuals to take and a more advanced course for managers which looks at the impact of stress within a team.

All our stress management training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

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Stress Management

What is stress management training?

Stress management training is designed to help employees understand and manage the everyday pressures we're all faced with at work, and use these pressures as a productive rather than destructive force. Stress can make us feel overwhelmed or even physically unwell, so giving employees the right tools to be able to cope with and manage stress goes a long way towards ensuring their well-being. Since a happy and healthy workplace is more productive, stress management training should be an important health and safety consideration for all organisations.

Why is stress management important?

Mitigating and controlling work related stress can lead to a happy, motivated and productive workforce.

Stress can seem to appear out of nowhere and everyone's threshold for coping is different. That's why being able to recognise the 'red flags' or indicators of stress will help your employees maintain their well-being, morale, and, ultimately, their productivity. As well as the interpersonal aspects of the course such as assessing the impact of an individual suffering from stress on the rest of the team, the training also provides practical training such as conducting stress risk assessments. It also addresses the regulatory aspect, including health and safety legislation about controlling workplace risks, including stress.

Who should attend stress management training?

It is good practice for all employees to undertake stress management training so that they are properly prepared to recognise the effects of stress on their physical and mental well-being. It is also important for employees to understand the difference between healthy stress (that is, everyday pressures that can be motivational) versus unhealthy stress that may lead to poor mental or physical health. Additionally, stress management training will teach employees how to cope with stress in healthy ways and how to interrupt the stress cycle – vitally important skills for the entire workforce.