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DeltaNet International's Performance Management training is designed to help managers (or aspiring managers) develop their knowledge and leadership skills. The topics covered inside our Performance Management eLearning suite will equip managers with the information and sensitivity they need to make a positive difference to the teams and departments they supervise, whilst helping them to become strong, effective leaders.

We work with legal experts to ensure our content remains fresh and up-to-date with all the latest employment law legislation and best practices. Additionally, we're proud to say that our industry-leading content reflects the very latest in eLearning design and development trends.

It's easy to purchase any of our performance management courses individually or – for even greater value – we offer a complete 'Performance Management Essentials' suite featuring all our engaging performance management courses in one neat set. The package also includes regular updates (should legislation change), and access to any new performance management courses DeltaNet International release in future.

All our courses can be tailored to meet your specific training requirements and corporate branding. This can easily be carried out in-house by your administrators, or, if it's a large job, we're happy to do it for you.

Performance Management

What's Included

  • All courses in the Performance Management Essentials Suite
  • Astute eLearning Platform
  • Astute Learning Analytics
  • Updated courses and platform enhancements
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited help desk support

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301+ User Licences

£18.00per learner/year

401+ User Licences

£15.00per learner/year

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Performance Management Insights

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