What is microlearning?

Microlearning is training delivered in short, specific, highly targeted bursts. It is used to provide a learner with the level of information needed to complete a specific task.

DeltaNet International microlearning 'Take 5' courses utilise a blend of gamified, scenario based challenges, video based presentations and short studies.

Why not 'Take 5' to try the course shown to the right- the 'Gifts and Hospitality Challenge'? This microlearning course is designed to give users the knowledge they need to determine what is a gift and what constitutes bribery.

Microlearning Courses

Bid Suppression

Bid Suppression Training Courses for your Business . Learn More

Can you Spot the Hazard?

Can You Spot the Hazard? . Learn More

Checking your Vehicle Before Driving at Work

Workplace Vehicle Safety Checks for a Safer Business. Learn More

Collusive Bidding

Combat Collusion Fraud with Collusive Bidding eLearning . Learn More

Detecting and Reporting Fraud

Fraud Detection Training and Reporting Fraud eLearning . Learn More

Don't get Burnt

Don't Get Your Business Burnt . Learn More

DSE - Working with Dual Screens

Dual Screen Use and Safety at Work . Learn More

Erasure: the Right to be Forgotten

Right to be forgotten eLearning - what you need to know. Learn More

False Invoicing

False Accounting Training Courses . Learn More

Financial Sanctions

Financial Sanctions eLearning for a more Compliant Organisation. Learn More

Fire: Can you Handle it?

Fire, Can Your Business Handle It? . Learn More

Gifts & Hospitality Challenge

How to identify gifts and hospitality rewards - eLearning. Learn More

Identifying Stress in your Team

Identify team stress in your business with eLearning. Learn More

Is your Information Secure?

How to identify information security risks to keep your business safe . Learn More

Know your Customer

Know your customer with our AML course . Learn More

Know your Safety Signs?

Do You Know Your Safety Signs? . Learn More

Leaking Bid Information

Prevent Bid Information Leaks with our eLearning Course . Learn More

Money Laundering Challenge

Anti-money laundering challenge . Learn More

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment Training for your Staff . Learn More

Phishing Awareness

Phishing training for protection against scams. Learn More

Preparing for your Journey

Learn How to Prepare for Your Journey at Work with eLearning. Learn More

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation eLearning Course for your Employees . Learn More

Protecting your Identity

Protect identities within your business . Learn More

Setting a Secure Password

How to set secure passwords for your business. Learn More

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias eLearning Course . Learn More

Understanding Social Engineering

Improve your social engineering awareness . Learn More

Unethical Supplier Practice

Spot the Signs of Unethical Supplier Practice . Learn More

Using Big Data Ethically

Ensure ethical use of big data with our industry-recognised training course . Learn More

Using Email and the Internet Securely

This short course helps employees learn how to use internet and email securely, protecting the security of the organisation.. Learn More

Using Portable Storage Devices Securely

Portable Data Security Training . Learn More

What is Modern Slavery?

What is Modern Slavery? . Learn More

How can I buy microlearning courses?

DeltaNet International microlearning courses are available in two different ways.

If you purchase one of our suites of eLearning courses, such as the full Compliance suite, all microlearning courses within that sector are included. You would be automatically given full access to the complete range of Compliance microlearning courses without having to pay anything extra.

Alternatively you can purchase microlearning courses inidividually or as a bundle. Please contact us on 01509 643925 or enquiries@delta-net.co.uk to find out more.

Why use microlearning?

Increase knowledge retention

Training delivered in smaller segments and in regular bursts increases knowledge retention in users. Coupled with frequent addition of new training content to keep it fresh microlearning will assist users in retaining the knowledge contained in the training for a longer period of time

Falling attention spans

Microsoft Attention Span Survey

According to Microsoft attention spans have fallen by an average of 33% to 8 seconds since 2000. To put this in perspective goldfish are reputed to have an attention span of 9 seconds. Naturally this presents a challenge in delivering eLearning but also opens up opportunities to introduce eLearning tools to engage even the least attentive learner.

Increase engagement

If you struggle to engage learners with eLearning or your learners groan at the thought of annual training refreshers microlearning is the ideal solution as the short, specific nature of it means that it doesn't have a big impact on users time.