Astute eLearning Platform

Improve learning and development throughout your business

Astute takes the pain out of learning and development administration.

Employees love Astute's learner-centric experience, and learning and development teams love the freedom of admin automation.

Astute is a truly global product, supporting over 30 different languages.

  • Multi-tenancy

  • Learning Analytics

  • Automated Admin

  • Cloud-based

  • Customisable

Beyond Reporting

Gain insight into your organisation's learning and development with Astute's Learning Analytics.

Custom dashboards, multiple report templates and a custom report builder put powerful insights at your fingertips. Save even more time on admin by scheduling reports to be delivered direct to stakeholders.


Shouldn't your learning management system feel like part of the family?

Every aspect of Astute is totally customisable to look and feel like you made it yourself, and behind the scenes can also integrate with your existing HR systems.

Performance Manager

Extend Astute to make multi-source feedback gathering, capability benchmarking and tailored individual development programmes available alongside your eLearning.

  • Multi-source feedback

    Gather actionable feedback through individual 180 or 360-degree assessments based on capability frameworks or job profiles.

  • Benchmark capabilities

    Identify capability gaps and untapped potential within your organisation by comparing employee capabilities with job profiles.

  • Tailor talent development

    Provide measurable targets for each job profile and capability framework by linking development opportunities to online resources, files or Astute courses.

  • Customise assessments

    Available questions include scenarios, multiple choice, matching drag and drop, branching multiple choice, sorting, and rating scales.

Administrators Love...


Don't spend time chasing learners to complete courses - Astute does it for you.


We'll guide you through the entire eLearning implementation process, step by step.

Learning Analytics

Monitor your learning and development efforts and make informed strategic decisions.


Manage training programmes across multiple business units with multi-tenancy architecture.


Available as a cloud-based service or self-hosted with Active Directory synchronisation.

Scheduled reports

Create and deliver custom reports via email in Excel, Word or PDF formats.

Learners Love...


Compulsory courses are the first thing learners see when they log on.

Learning anywhere

Free learners from their desks with eLearning accessible through mobile phones, tablets and PCs.


Make a world of non-compulsory learning available through custom catalogues.

Delving deeper

Offer additional training resources, discussion forums and more to supplement your courses.


Reward learners for completing courses with printable certificates available once passed.


Put learners in the driving seat with a personal development plan and customisable profile.