Detecting and Reporting Fraud

Fraud Detection Training and Reporting Fraud eLearning

Microlearning Course

In this module you will explore how supplier fraud can be detected and how to report it. You will earn a customer rating star for correctly identifying how to detect and report supplier fraud.

Your company will have systems and processes in place to reduce the likelihood of fraud in the supply chain.

All employees are responsible for detecting and reporting suspicions of fraud whenever they become aware of them.

It is in your best interests to know and recognise the warning signs so that you can help protect the reputation of your company and your colleagues. To ensure that your company remains successful.

Any warning signs or suspicious activity should be reported to the NCO.

The procurement process has been designed to help you detect fraudulent suppliers through a rigorous bid and review process.

Following these simple steps will help you identify signs of fraud early, enabling you to either prevent it from happening, or to detect it early and stop it by reporting your concerns to the NCO.

This is a 5 minute microlearning course, designed to maximise learner engagement and knowledge retention.

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Detecting and Reporting Fraud