Phishing Awareness

Phishing training for protection against scams

This Phishing Awareness eLearning course details the types of phishing that you may encounter, and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Have you ever received an unexpected email, text message or phone call asking for you to provide information in return for something? Maybe from your bank asking for you to confirm personal information? Or from a work colleague you've never heard from before asking for confidential information? If so, you may have been targeted in a type of fraud called 'phishing'.

Phishing puts you at risk of identity theft, allowing criminals to illegally obtain goods and services and perhaps even take out a loan by pretending to be you.

There are three main ways scammers phish for information which are outlined in this eLearning course along with steps you can follow to protect yourself and your company against phishing.

The information you will be given is followed by a quiz to test your knowledge to give you the best opportunity to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

  • Phishing Awareness - Screenshot
  • Phishing Awareness - Screenshot
  • Phishing Awareness - Screenshot