Know your Customer

Know your customer with our AML course

Know Your Customer is an immersive, scenario based eLearning course.

It puts the learner at heart of a scenario whereby 'Simone' is talking to 'Abbas' who she has just met at a party. Abbas has a business opportunity for Simone, but it would mean Simone not having time to follow the usual procedures and doing due diligence on the potential customer.

Should she go ahead with the deal or exercise caution, potentially jeopardising any deal?

In the days following their meeting Simone is presented with various situations that should raise concerns about who her client actually is.

This microlearning online training course enables the learner to make the decisions, and they will be asked a number of questions following the high quality animation.

  • Know your Customer - Screenshot
  • Know your Customer - Screenshot
  • Know your Customer - Screenshot